Picking back up Suki Desu Suzuki Kun

I gave chibi a chance to finish it up, but according to my cleaner, they dropped it.  So I’m going to pick it back up.  The other manga by Go will still be released according to schedule, but I will also be doing SDSK along with the light novel.  In order to reduce the work load, I may have to find a proofreader for the light novel I’m translating.  Well, that was the initial idea anyways.


Just a little shameless advertising

I want to share yet another off topic bit of news.  I became involved with a cool little company called World ventures.  This company allows the average joe to go on cheap vacations or what they’d like to call “Dream Trips”.  However, they also have very big plans in the near future regarding new technology that could revolutionize the way we shop for things.  It’d be too long for me to explain this in one article, so I provided a video for you guys to download.  If you like what you see in the video and want to get a membership and/or become a rep, then contact me ASAP.

World Ventures Dream Trips


Apply for mod status: Discord Server

If you’re looking to waste a little time, I’m looking for someone to moderate my Discord server.




-Someone who will keep the chat alive and interesting. (post something at least once a day)
-Knowledgeable about discord and how it works.
-Willing to give advice on how to keep the chat alive and interesting without being overbearing
-Must be mature without stirring up any unnecessary drama.
-Knows when to kick someone if they don’t follow the basic rules.



If you feel like you qualify, then stop by the discord channel and state your case.


Fight for Net Neutrality

Hello, this is a off topic report.  The FCC filed an appeal for net neutrality, if this gets passed, then shit will hit the fan in regard to you and your relationship with your isp.  If you value net neutrality and want internet companies to STAY OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS, then sign this petition.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the net neutral.  It’s more than just keeping your business private.  It’s about preserving this country’s foundations.

Net Neutrality Petition


Next Scanlation Project

Since there wasn’t a lot of people who gave any input on what the next project should be, I decided to take it upon myself to choose one myself.  I was gonna do Stardust wink, but it would take too long scanning all the pages and then translating them.  So without further deliberation, here is the next project:




This one is from the same author who did Uwasa no Midori-kun.  I like this one a little better personally, UNMK had too much drama near the end, and the ending itself seemed…rushed?   Anyways, hopefully this one will get a better reception.  I didn’t peek at the ending this time, so I have no idea what to expect doing this one.    As for the light novel, I will be doing that in conjunction with this project.  Expect both the light novel prologue (which is pretty damn long) and this manga to have their debut release from Project FinalBoss at the end of January.