Spook Fist Tournament

First off, for those who wanted to participate in the Ironman Tournament, I’m am terribly sorry that I canceled at the last moment.  I won’t make excuses, just know that I had my reasons for cutting it.  To make it up to everyone, I will host 3 tournaments:  Spook Fist (October), Dead Turkey (November), Jolly Fist (December).


This article is to give info for Spook Fist.  Here are the details:

.Spook Fist Tournament

]Date: Sunday, October 28th 12 PM EST
]Participants: 16
]Platform: PS4
]Prize:  1st: $30 | 2nd: $15 | 3rd: $5  *This is pertaining to both tourny and giveaway prizes




Ironman Tournament 3 Signups

Ironman Tournament 3 Signups are open!: https://smash.gg/tournament/ironman-tournament-3/details


If you plan on signing up for the ironman tournament, then please join the discord server (and wait for me to update your role). When you see that your role is either gamer or twitch streamer, then post up a screenshot of your internet connection speed. Please include the ping in your screenshot.

//Discord: https://discord.gg/mWrdkv8



Game: Tekken 7
Platform: PC
Entrees: 16 (8 more on standby)


Tekken 7 (PC) Mock Tournament tomorrow


Main info:

Game: Tekken 7
Platform: Pc
Twitch: Finalbossxd
Sign ups: Discord Server


-Must live in the U.S
-Must post a screenshot of internet speed including Ping (Upload speed under 5 cannot enter | Ping over 50 cannot enter)

Mock tournament:

-Starts in June 3rd 2018
-Sparring tryouts will be held before the actual mock tournament
-16 man elimination for preliminaries.
-8 man single elimination for the finals.
-Prelims will be simulcasted on my stream. My twitch partner, Stage_7_ will host one portion of the prelims while I will host the other portion.
-Winner gets $20 via paypal
-One lucky viewer can win $15 via paypal

Ironman Tournament 3:

-Starts in August 13th 2018
-Will be hosted by me, Weapon_Under_live and Stage_7_
-Much like the mock tourny Except it’ll be 32 man elimination for the preliminaries. 8 will be under Stage_7_’s guidance ad the other 8 will be under mine.
-Prelimins will continue until 8 ppl are left for the finals
-Winner gets $50 via paypal
-One lucky viewer can win $50 via paypal

For any questions, please post it here.




Spots left: 9/16
*Standby positions left: 8/8


*This is a spot where ppl fill in for those that drop out of the tournament or can’t make it due to an emergency.



Ironmantournament 3: Birthday Bash Giveaway

i didn’t want to post this so early, but i figured I might as well do so since I’m already making preparations for it.  For those who don’t know, I stream on twitch from Sun-Tues.  About a year ago, I was heavy into doing psn card giveaways on my stream at least once a month.  That then transformed into paypal cash giveaways.  it was fairly popular, but only a hand full of ppl knew about my stream.  Sometimes only one person showed up for giveaways.


Anyways, in addition to doing these giveaways on my stream, i also started holding annual tournaments for tekken in which the winner would receive a cash prize.  I’m re hosting this tournament on my birthday:  Monday, August 13th @ 5:00 PM EST.  I dubb these tournies ironman tournaments.  This one will hopefully be bigger than the last two I did, because I’ve hired my streaming buddy/re-acquaintance Weapon to be a co-commentator alongside me.  My other streaming buddy, Stage_7_ whom I met on the pc version of tekken 7 will host the second preliminary tournament on his channel.  Both tournaments will be on the pc version of Tekken 7 and streamed live on my channel via a simulcast setup i personally developed.  From what I know, no one I’ve seen on twitch does this, so i thought I’d bring some originality to my stream by doing it myself.  The only problem with dual stream is that only one scene will get audio priortiy to prevent a hell storm of noise.  That’s why Stage_7_’s stream will be muted while the preliminary tourny me and Weapon will commentate on will have audio priority.  if you want to hear what Stage_7_’s preliminaries sound like, then i’d highly suggest watching the stream on his channel.  He (stage_7_) already commentates on his personal streams and is great at it.


The Grand finals will be hosted on my channel and it’ll be a regular single scene for viewing pleasure.  Winners of the tournament gets $50 of my birthday money.  Viewers get a chance to win $50 as well at the end of the tournament in a special giveaway.  Nothing is required of you to participate in the giveaway, just stick around til the end of the stream for your chance to win.  I still have to iron out the details with the people working with me on this event, but I’m just giving everyone heads up about it since this will become a real event in August.


Thank you and see you there,







-[Twitch Channels:

Finalboss:  twitch.tv/finalbossxd

Weapon: twitch.tv/weapon_under_live

Stage_7_: twitch.tv/stage_7_


-[Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/FinalBossXD






ZIN demo update: Plantation Knowledge Center

For a few weeks now I’ve been making concept art for ZIN.  Right now, I’m working on the art for the plantation’s knowledge center.  This is the area slaves go to get educated by the government officials working the plantation.  I still have to clean up the art a bit before I get to illustrating it, but if you’re interested to see what it looks like, here’s a few timelapse videos on our youtube channel.





//Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbXIIDeF2qn2on8EYLE4Jw

//Gofundme: Link

//Twitch: twitch.tv/finalbossxd

//Discord: https://discord.gg/kSn8H5G