Project FinalBoss Scanlation Department: Status

I haven’t heard from neither of my teamates in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully, everything is okay with them.  With that said, the Scanlation department will be placed on hiatus until further notice.  If you want scanlations and light novel translations done, then please support us by finding extra help, or better yet, volunteer to help out yourself.  Like I said before, I can’t do everything myself because I have other goals I must attend to.  I can only do minor translations for the manga chapters/light novels.  Sorry for the inconvenience and incompetence on our part.  I would bow my head, but I’m sitting behind a computer screen, so….yeah…


Looking for Discord Rpers

Hello, I’m trying to brush up on my writing skills for my Video Game Project.  While the script for the demo is finished, I don’t want to sit around and let my skills get dull until its time to finish the main story.  So, I decided to open up an rp section in my discord server.  I will host monthly scenarios for a select few to join into and rp.  If you are interested in honing your skills or humoring me and my attempt to sharpen mine, then feel free to hop on board.  Please state your business upon joining the server, I made a new rule that new members must follow in order to minimize the inactivity.  There’s 50+ people on the server and only a select few are active.  So please don’t lurk if you do decide to join.  Upon joining, you have 24 hours to make an introduction in the general channel.  When time runs out and you haven’t introduced yourself, you will get kicked.  No hard feelings at all there.  Thanks in advance,





Update Status + Apology

Sorry folks for the very late releases on our projects.  A lot has been going on these past two months and the adrenaline of events happening haven’t seemed to slow down much.  I’m already settled in to my new place (although I am $100 behind on the rent), my internet is back and faster than ever, and no donations towards my game demo whatsoever (but that’s pretty much what i expected).  On the scanlation side I need a typesetter bad, I feel it’s selfish of me to dump that task on my cleaner Merilla, especially since she’s in the middle of exams.  I decided to share the workload with her (I typeset Suzuki-kun, she typesets Kobayashi).


The next chapter of those two will be released very soon.  As for the light novel, that is on hiatus until I find a editor.  Like I said before, I don’t have time to work on translations and editing for a light novel considering I’m a noob when it comes to Japanese and Korean.  I’m doing the best I can taking time out of my schedule to learn these languages (actually, I only picked up korean last week because I was inspired to learn it for the sake of understanding a famous Ling Xiaoyu player, Sodam.  That’s another story though….).   To avoid a wall of text, i’ll do an update on the ZIN demo on another post.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.


tl;dr:  I’m sorry, life is peachy, chapters will be coming out soon.  Light novel still on hiatus.




//Gofundme: (Note: only donate if you are interested in the game project.  Donations do not affect the speed of manga/light novel releases)




Looking for Japanese editors and proofreaders

I just finished translating the light novel I’m working on, but I don’t have time to invest in editing and proofreading it.  So, I’m looking for help in those areas.  I must say, the translating job I did on it is a mess, so whoever steps up to the plate will have a lot of work ahead of them.  But, it’ll be much appreciated.  If you’re interested, then please apply on the discord server under the “recruit” channel.