Uwasa no Midori kun ch.43

Happy to announce that I finished ch.43 and it is now available for download.  The quality is bad because I had to do everything myself, but it’s readable at least, lol.


Next scanlation project

My raw copy of Stardust wink vol.11 came in the mail today.  It’s in some language that I’m not really familiar with (probably German or some shit.).  Since Uwasa no Midori-kun is winding down to a close, I’d like to ask what some of the readers here would like to see us work on next:


  1. Stardust Wink
  2. Suki Desu Suzuki kun!!
  3. Kobayashi ga kawai sugite tsurai!!
  4. Nanohana no Kare
  5. Chisa x Pon
  6. Junai sensation