Looking for Japanese editors and proofreaders

I just finished translating the light novel I’m working on, but I don’t have time to invest in editing and proofreading it.  So, I’m looking for help in those areas.  I must say, the translating job I did on it is a mess, so whoever steps up to the plate will have a lot of work ahead of them.  But, it’ll be much appreciated.  If you’re interested, then please apply on the discord server under the “recruit” channel.


Scouted for a Translation job

A manga company scouted me out to do translations for them.  So there’s a possibility I could be a professional translator.  I just finished the exam a few minutes ago and plan on turning all the paper work in tomorrow.  Now the big question on your mind might be:  “What will become of Project-FinalBoss fanscanlations?”  The answer is “nothing”.  If I do get the job, I will continue to do the projects as promised.  If I don’t get the job, all that means is I’ll have more free time to play video games.

Picking back up Suki Desu Suzuki Kun

I gave chibi a chance to finish it up, but according to my cleaner, they dropped it.  So I’m going to pick it back up.  The other manga by Go will still be released according to schedule, but I will also be doing SDSK along with the light novel.  In order to reduce the work load, I may have to find a proofreader for the light novel I’m translating.  Well, that was the initial idea anyways.

Next Scanlation Project

Since there wasn’t a lot of people who gave any input on what the next project should be, I decided to take it upon myself to choose one myself.  I was gonna do Stardust wink, but it would take too long scanning all the pages and then translating them.  So without further deliberation, here is the next project:




This one is from the same author who did Uwasa no Midori-kun.  I like this one a little better personally, UNMK had too much drama near the end, and the ending itself seemed…rushed?   Anyways, hopefully this one will get a better reception.  I didn’t peek at the ending this time, so I have no idea what to expect doing this one.    As for the light novel, I will be doing that in conjunction with this project.  Expect both the light novel prologue (which is pretty damn long) and this manga to have their debut release from Project FinalBoss at the end of January.