Update Status + Apology

Sorry folks for the very late releases on our projects.  A lot has been going on these past two months and the adrenaline of events happening haven’t seemed to slow down much.  I’m already settled in to my new place (although I am $100 behind on the rent), my internet is back and faster than ever, and no donations towards my game demo whatsoever (but that’s pretty much what i expected).  On the scanlation side I need a typesetter bad, I feel it’s selfish of me to dump that task on my cleaner Merilla, especially since she’s in the middle of exams.  I decided to share the workload with her (I typeset Suzuki-kun, she typesets Kobayashi).


The next chapter of those two will be released very soon.  As for the light novel, that is on hiatus until I find a editor.  Like I said before, I don’t have time to work on translations and editing for a light novel considering I’m a noob when it comes to Japanese and Korean.  I’m doing the best I can taking time out of my schedule to learn these languages (actually, I only picked up korean last week because I was inspired to learn it for the sake of understanding a famous Ling Xiaoyu player, Sodam.  That’s another story though….).   To avoid a wall of text, i’ll do an update on the ZIN demo on another post.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.


tl;dr:  I’m sorry, life is peachy, chapters will be coming out soon.  Light novel still on hiatus.



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Next Scanlation Project

Since there wasn’t a lot of people who gave any input on what the next project should be, I decided to take it upon myself to choose one myself.  I was gonna do Stardust wink, but it would take too long scanning all the pages and then translating them.  So without further deliberation, here is the next project:




This one is from the same author who did Uwasa no Midori-kun.  I like this one a little better personally, UNMK had too much drama near the end, and the ending itself seemed…rushed?   Anyways, hopefully this one will get a better reception.  I didn’t peek at the ending this time, so I have no idea what to expect doing this one.    As for the light novel, I will be doing that in conjunction with this project.  Expect both the light novel prologue (which is pretty damn long) and this manga to have their debut release from Project FinalBoss at the end of January.