ZIN Demo: Progress Chart January 2018


Its Crunch Time

I’m looking for a long term game development team to help me with my current and future gaming projects.  I cannot guarantee payment until the games are finished and they sell.  So if you are fine with that, then continue to read:


Who am I looking for? | Profit percentage
*I get 50% of the profit, the rest of the 50% gets split among the other professions

-Voice actors (Pay based on hourly wage: $10 per hour)
-SFX/Music Orchestrators 10%
-3D object (characters, enemies, misc.) designers (who are experienced at cel shading techniques) 20%
-3D world designers (who are experienced at cel shading techniques) 20%

Why only this much?  Because I’m doing the rest of the work:

Game development (Story, Battle choreography, Battle system, Character dialogue, etc): 10%
Art (Character design, enemy design, level design, etc): 15%
Programming: 15%
Misc (Advertising & Marketing, 3D model rigging, Animation choreography, etc) : 10%

10-20% isn’t that much if you count one game sell, but if the game were to sell 10,000 copies, then it all adds up.


No past experience is required to apply, but I do need a portfolio that shows some of your skill.  If you at least have the motivation to endure long stressful hours on the grind, then you’re more than welcome.  If you’re still learning the ropes of your profession, then still feel free to apply.  You can learn and work as you go, I’ll help as much as I can to get you on the right track.


Right now I am in the midst of working on a demo for the currently developed game.  I need a team assembled in order to finish the demo.  If the demo gets a good reception, then I’ll start a kickstarter for the development of the actual game.  To apply for a position, please go to the discord channel.  Thank you for your time.