Apocalypse Rebirth (Working Title)

Apocalypse: Rebirth

The mortal world will end by the year 666. This has been foreseen by countless prophets throughout the ages. In a world filled with Guardians and Devils, God has left it up to humanity to prevent the demon lord from having his way. As a player, you will have the option to take on many roles that will decide your fate. If you happen to die, then you will be taken to the spirit dimension, where you will be judged based on your actions in the mortal world. If you are strong and benevolent, then you will become an angel in God’s army where you will join him in the fight against the demon lord. If you are strong and malevolent, the Demon lord will make you a demon spawn where you will join him in the fight for God’s throne. If you haven’t achieved enough experience in either strength or morality, then you will be reincarnated.


Key points:

-All characters will have a guardian angel

-That guardian angel is the player’s doppleganger

-When the character dies, the guardian angel will judge the character’s achievements

-Guardian angels start out neutral, but change depending on the characters choices in the mortal world.

-When the character is strong enough, the character and the guardian angel will merge into one becoming either a Angel or a Demon.

-All characters start out at year 0

-Character traits will determine what you can achieve in life. For instance, a brave character trait will help you grow stronger in battle.

-Be careful in choosing character traits, because every positive character trait comes with a negative one, and every negative comes with a positive. For instance, bravery trait also comes with the egotistical trait. Keep in mind that some traits cancel each other out. The key to a good character is to have balance.

-Character traits can evolve once you progress in the story and developed your character’s skills related to the trait. Cowardice can evolve into calculating for example.

-Character traits can also regress into the opposite trait if you make too many mistakes. For instance, bravery can regress into cowardice if you get ko’d in too many fights.

-Character Traits come in two types: Action and Social

-Action character traits affect battles and talents (more on talents at a later time).

-Social character traits affect character interactions.

-Many fighting styles to choose from.

-If you get reincarnated, you can choose to either keep the original fighting style, or get a new one.

-Getting KO’d in a fight is not instant death.  However, you will lose certain status points and even skills after getting revived.

-There is a hunger system.  Eating to stay alive and healthy will be very important in the game.  You also have to eat the right foods for the best results.