Damn (Working Title)

Joc is a young and ruthless juvenile who always seem to run into trouble. His dream is to become an big time gangster and run countless cities across the nation. However, his big mouth always seem to prevent him from forming alliances with gang memebers. Meanwhile, an outbreak of a new strain of stds have been plagueing the world. Women who carry the disease have been known to contain supernatural abilities. So far, no men have been known to have such powers even with the std in their system. A secret organization has teamed up with the major world governments to capture the women carrying the disease. However, a few have managed to avoid their grasp. Joc encounters a runaway in a club. For him, it was love at first sight. He approaches her and they have a one night stand. The next morning, he finds himself alone in a hotel, but something is off. When he thinks about lighting up his blunt, his hand catches fire. He freaks out, and the next thing he knows, the whole place catches fire. People who don’t seem like cops catch notice of what he did and chase after him. The woman he had the one night stand with appears before him once more and helps him escape. “Looks like I finally found the one who will lead us to freedom.” She says to him. “Damn.” Joc can’t help but wonder what he got himself into.

Key features

-Open environment where you can travel to different parts of the world.

-Action Rpg style battle system

-Acquire new abilities by sleeping with various supernatural women

-Complex personality system that evolves as you play and make choices.

-A simple sleep and hunger system.

-Take on a variety of jobs, or go the route of a criminal and become the world’s fiercest gangster.

-Multiple Endings