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These are the various organizations in the ZIN universe. Each organization has specific goals that they feel are important for their cause.

United Satellites of ZIN (USZ) – This government makes up the combined forces of all three planets. Their main focus is to handle the knowledge necessary for keeping Angels from enslaving humanity. This knowledge includes studying captured angels, grafting spiritual scripts for stronger weapons/armor, teaching soldiers effective fighting styles, etc. The USZ is also responsible for hosting the slave plantations used to power the three planets’ cores. This is the oldest alliance ever formed spanning thousands years in the making. After Spiritual War 1 (SW1), top leaders of the USZ separated and created organizations that satisfied their ideals. Some of these organizations are at war with each other today. However, the remaining members continue to work towards the greater good of humanity. Since the army only deals with Angel trespassing affairs, the army doesn’t get involved with any civil wars between countries or planets. They do however hire any organizations willing to support their cause. They are secretly planning to start a second Spiritual War with the angels. However, they must first locate Purgatory. Once they do, all angels will be on their hit list.

Fallen Angel Alliance (FAA) – These are lower ranked angels who fought with the three savior angels to protect humanity from their own kind. They live isolated from human civilization ever since SW1 ended. Many people fear that they will start another war and once again try and enslave humanity. Because of this fear, the USZ keeps close tabs on them. This organization only fights when being threatened by other organizations. Other than that, all they seek is acceptance from humans. Although there are some party members who violate the rule of never harming humans. The FAA makes it their duty to help humans weed out the bad seeds.

Demon Alliance (DA) – These are groups of angels who like the Fallen angels remained on the three planets. Unlike the FAA, they harbor ill will towards humans. They do everything from killing them to raping them. Their mating spree over the course of generations is the leading cause of the present lost soul population problem. Satan is the leader of the organization. DA is in constant civil war with FAA in a struggle for supremacy. Their philosophy is that a balance of chaos and peace will save the universe. They use chaos as a means to keep the moral spectrum stabilized.

The Calling Bureau (TCB) – TCB is a group of evangelists who actually collaborate with the DA by enacting in violence against citizens. They are against slavery and has made it their mission to end it. While their cause seem noble, their rationality for their actions are just as warped as the DA. At first, they weren’t taken seriously and given the nickname The Crazy Bastards. However, the USZ had to step in when their actions started getting extreme. They turn out to be tough adversaries. The group is lead by an ex USZ leader.