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Human Battery: A slave that is used to produce energy for the planets of Ze, Ian, and Ni.

Dead Battery: A slave that has been released from the plantation on their 100th birthday. Forced to fight to become a citizen.

Citizen: A person who is free to work anywhere and produce a family.

Soul: A blank, immortal form of energy.

Spirit: A soul with data retained from a mortal or immortal lifeform.

Holy Spirit: A spirit that flows within the universe acting as a lifeline for it.

God: A personification of the Holy Spirit capable of creating/manipulating time, space, matter and energy.

Messiah: Humans next in line to become a Holy Spirit.

Angels: A human categorization of divine beings that have the gift of universal knowledge, conscious thinking and immortality. While immortal, they are not invincible.

Fallen Angel: Human categorization of an Angel that chooses to live in the Mortal realm.

Demon: Human categorization of a fallen angel that is hostile to humans. They also fused themselves with Lost souls to make themselves stronger.

Lost Souls: Monsters produced by the mating of the savior angels’ familiars, and common animals/plants.

Satan: The king of Demons.

Lucifer: The highest ranking Angel.

Androids: Robots designed in humanity’s image

Cyborg: A human brain placed in a mechanical body

Golem: A being created with magic.

Universe: A dimension that contains finite or infinite matter and energy.

Multiverse: A system of dimensions containing matter and energy.

Mortal Realm: A Universe where finite matter and energy gets recycled into different forms.

MR1: Mortal Realm 1

MR2: Mortal Realm 2

Purgatory: The only dimension where matter and energy is infinite in abundance.

The Great Drift: The death of a Universe.

The Big Bang: The birth of a Universe.