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Basic Controls

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In Game Controls

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Starting the game

Home Screen:

-New Game

-New Game +



  • Gallery
  • Mini Games
  • Adult Games


-Cheat Codes

If you are just beginning, then you would pick new game, if you saved anywhere in the game, then you woud pick continue. If you completed the game, and would like to start over with the same stats as where you left off, then choose New Game +. ZIN has three difficulty settings: Somarian (Normal), Martyr (Hard) and Crucified Messiah (Very Hard). The game is set to Somarian by default, but can be changed to the other difficulties in the options menu. The difficulty setting can’t be changed after starting a new game.


Game mechanics

Objective: Become a citizen and solve the mystery of the Great Drift that is threatening the Universe.

Basic Premise:

This rpg is free roaming, meaning you can travel anywhere provided you have the means. However, because of an impending threat known as the great drift, you have a limited time to explore. In order to ensure that you beat the game in time, it is recommended that you save unimportant events for New Game+. Things such as Eroge, special cutscenes (and even a secret route) are all provided for replay value only.


The world of ZIN


Mortal Realm 1

A realm of science and psychic force. Rio resides here.

ZIN Universe_MR1



Mortal Realm 2

A realm of magic and alchemy. Rio gets sent to this realm sometime during the story, but why?


The realm where Lucifer resides. USZ’s no.1 goal is to find this realm and eradicate the angels once and for all.



Ze is a humid planet, but not to the point where life couldn’t exist. Zeus chose this planet as grounds to stop Lucifer’s subjegation of humanity. Being one of the older planets in the solar system and having plenty of land mass, it has more valuable stones and metals that could be extravated. Therefore it harbores a civilization that is the wealthiest of the three habitable planets.


Ian is a planet of mostly ice. So it has no “natural” land or plantlife. Ianus is this planet’s savior. When settlers had improved technology, they created artificial land and plantlife that could withstand the harsh environment. The artificial plantlife relied on the planet’s core to sustain power, but once that died out, they were re wired to funcion on the energy of slaves. This planet makes it ideal for maintaining plantations as they are usually built underwater thus impossible to escape from. Ian is Rio’s birthplace and the starting point of the story.


This is the origin of life on this particular solar system (as far as scientists know) since it is within the goldy lock position of the sun and had the right size to sustain life. As human civilization advanced, they became overpopulated and eventually had no choice but to migrate to the other two planets. The planet used to be called Nibiru, but world leaders cut it short to just Ni after Nike freed them from the clutches of Lucifer’s army.


This planet seems to be the only habital one in the dimension of MR2. No information about this particular planet is known except the human inhabitants here excel at magic and alchemy and govern based on these principles. There are also demon and monster inhabitants as well that cause misfortune upon any human civilization they come across.


Ze: Ze has three continents


The most prosperous continent in Ze. Human civilazation started rebuilding on this very land and has expanded ever since.


A continent that is overrun by Demons and Lost souls. Satan most likely rules this continent along with other lands from the other two planets. Demon Slayer organizations are currently working together with Fallen angels to erradicate the Demons and Lost souls on this continent.


The continent of Lemuria is inhabited mostly by Fallen Angels. Humans agreed to give them the continent since there wasn’t much value to it anymore. The head of the FAA, Michael resides on these lands.

Ian: Since Ian has no natural land mass, it has no continent. The area of the planet has been given a name however.


Lyonesse has many habitable human spots, but there are some areas which were once old cities that are now offlimits due to high population of Demons and Lost Souls.

Ni: Ni has two continents.


This is mostly a human inhabited continent. However, there is a war going on between the USZ and TCB in which this land is in the center of the battle.


A large island also mostly inhabited by humans. The population of Demons and Lost souls are the lowest of any land mass or any planet.

Atlantis: Atlantis has one large continent


Three main areas of Zion are ruled by what are known as oracles. The last main area is governed by a demon lord. There is a human king responsible for the entire human civilization, but he takes orders from the oracles.

Major Cities

(*Continent Capital)












-*Nabata Playa
















In Game Menu

In game Menu

Status: This is where you see the progress of your characters whether they are in your party or not. See what equipment and skills they have set up, and also how far they have to go to reach the next level. If a character has leveled up, make the proper adjustments to that character’s stats here.

Bonds: In order to call friends to your party, initiate character quests and talk to members telepathically, then use this option.


Bond Status | Telapathic Call (Add/Remove Member, Talk, Side Quest)

Skills: This is where you equip and unlock the various skills.


Basic | Special | ZIN Mode | STS | Magic | Team Attack | Summons

Equipment: Use this option to add buffs to your characters weapon and Astral Armor. You may also alter a character’s look here (just keep in mind certain jobs have a dress code). You can only alter the look of your weapon every 10 levels.


Weapons | Armor | Accessories

Inventory: Check out the items you’ve obtained here. They are broken down into various categories.


Items | Key Items | Fruits of Knowlege | Accessories

Inner thoughts: Select this to peer into the mind of Rio Blade. Here you will get information about the current quests, memories of past events, Rio’s opinion about people he met and events he went through among other things.


Quests | People | Events | Dialogue | Enemies | Glossary






Job Routes

There are three jobs you can choose from upon leaving the plantation. These routes may or may not determine the ending you get. They will however determine who you meet in the game. The type of enemies you fight also vary depending on the job you take on. You must make it as a citizen in time, otherwise you and everyone else will suffer from the Great Drift.



Location: Ze

As a gladiator, you and a team of 3 will fight against other slaves in the fight to become a citizen. A certain number of opponents must be beaten in order to rank up. The higher the rank, the stronger the teams you must beat.

Perks:  Story Ending Benefits, Easy Tag Team Attack/Assault Acquisition, customizable outfits throughout the game.

Demon Hunter

Location: Ian

Your missions will usually involve fighting Demons and Lost Souls. Protect cities and invade Demon Territory. Rank up by doing a set amount of missions. The ultimate goal is to kill Satan and end the senseless chaos her and her followers have been inflicting on humanity.

Perks: Can acquire the most Summons in the game


Location: Ni

The TCB is a major threat, working for the USZ pits you against them in a war of terrorism. Rank up by doing various battles.

Perks: Obtain Astral Armor early.


The enemies that the main character and his party will come across during the story are as follows:

Human: They range from gladiator opponents to TCB rebels.

Androids: Humanoid bots with artificial intelligence.

Cyborgs: Mechanical body with a human brain.

Golems: Wooden living dolls.

Angels: Celestial beings from Purgatory.


MR1: Angels that modified their bodies with Lost Souls.

MR2: Monsters that evolved differently from typical animals.

Lost Souls: The resulted offspring of wild animals and the three savior angels’ familiars.


Battle Mechanics

The battles in ZIN will be action turn based (atb). The environment will be interactive. For instance, a critical hit on you or an enemy could send that person into another area and the fight would continue from there. In addition to this, there will be special scenes where you’ll have to input the right combination of keys in order to get an advantage in the fight (think Shenmue, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, God of War, etc). In Mortal Realm 1 (MR1), Psychic power and science is dominant while in Mortal Realm 2 (MR2), Magic and Alchemy is dominant.

Battle Menu

In the combat menu, there are two options: Offense and Defense

Those two options will branch off into other more advanced options. As your characters grow, those branches will continue to evolve. Some abilities you learn on your own, while others you’ll have to acquire through apprenticeships with various masters, then there are a few that can only be obtained by ranking up in your occupation and purchasing “fruits of knowlegde” scripts.


In this option there are Five main branches for the main character: Strike, O.STP, O.Magic (Rio only), Summon (Rio and Demon hunters Only) and ZIN Mode.

Strike: This offensive skill consists of 4 types of normal attacks. The first being weak, the second mid, the third strong and lastly launch. Next to the attack type is a percentage. This determines how much of that attack uses up your stamina. The more stamina you have, the more strings you can do. For instance, your char. has 100 stamina. Weak attacks cost 25%, mid costs 50%, strong costs 75% and launch costs 100%. You can do 4 weak attacks, two mids, 1 weak and 1 strong, 2 weak and 1 mid, or just 1 launcher move. As you level up, the percentage for each attack will lower and your stamina will increase which means you’ll be able to pull off more strings.

Strike Type Breakdown

Weak: This is a simple attack, the damage is low, but you can do the most strings with these. It also has a high accuracy rate, so chances of you missing is low.

Mid: This is a stronger attack that takes up more stamina. Nothing too special about it really and it should only be used if you don’t have enough stamina for strong, or if you don’t want to risk missing a strong attack. Has average accuracy rate.

Strong: The strongest normal attack you can do. It can crush guarding characters. However, it uses up alot of stamina and has a low accuracy rate. Use at your own risk.

Launch: This normal attack launches your enemy into the air. If successful, then you have two options: Reset stamina to do a special air combo/juggle, or execute ZIN Mode and pull off a special attack. However, not only is the stamina cost high, the accuracy rate is the lowest of the 4 (You have a 50/50 shot). Unlike the other Strike types, you cannot improve launch accuracy. So no matter how you far you advance, using it will always be a gamble.

O.STP and O.Magic: Psychic abilities in MR1 are called Spiritual Transcended Power (STP [ Not Stone Temple Pilots <_< ]) as they were acquired by unlocking humanity’s hidden potential. Only characters from MR1 can use STP, and only characters from MR2 can use Magic (Rio is the only character who can use both STP and Magic.) The difference between STP and Magic is like the difference between Yin and Yang. STP deals with powers from within the human psyche, while Magic is based on borrowing powers from the elements of nature.


Summon: Summons are acquired by forming a contract with Angels, Fallen Angels (and perhaps even demons).  Summons have a variety of different skill sets.  Who can do what depends on the being summoned.  Rio and his Demon Hunter Comrades can interchange summons with each other.  Just go to the summons menu and perform the proper input.

There are two types of summonings: Possession & Projection

-Possession: The summoned being possesses the summoner which grants him/her a boost in stats as well as temporary abilities.  The higher the character’s level, the stronger the possession’s abilities.  When a character is possessed, their appearance and fighting style changes to match the summoned member’s.

-Projection: The summoner calls the member to the battlefield to join in on the fight.  The summoned character can’t be controlled, and since it is a more powerful type of summon than possession, it only lasts for a limited time.  The higher the character’s level, the longer the projection lasts.


This option presents you with various ways to defend against an enemy

Categories include: Block, Evade, Parry, D.STP, D.Magic

Block: This is a basic strategy to use against attacks. While it is effective against weak, mid and launch attacks, strong attacks completely crush blocks. How much damage you take depends on what strike option is used against you.

Evade: This is a defense option that is much more effective than block as you will be able to avoid damage from all types of attacks including strong attacks. However, in order to successfully perform an evade, you have to press a sequence of buttons at just the right time. Miss the sequence, then your character will take damage.

Parry: This is a special defense option that allows you to completely avoid an enemy’s attack and retaliate by damaging your opponent with an attack string. In order to successfully pull this off, you must time your opponent’s strike and press the ZIN button at the right moment. A successful parry will deflect the oppenent’s attack and allow you to do a regular uninterrupted attack string. Parrying uses up 1/4 sp, so use it sparringly.

D.STP & D.Magic:

These two options under defense support/improve the effectiveness of characters’ defense and status by using special abilities that takes up sp.

Character Classes:

Character classes are unlocked each time you reach a certain level milestone. By unlocking a class, you’ll get upgraded battle specs, you may even notice characters moving differently in battle.

Lv.1: Slave

Lv.5: Warrior

Lv.15: Psychic

Lv.30: Hero

Lv.50: Soul Majin

Lv.99: Transcended Being

Character Stats

The strength of a stat is classified using a ranking system that runs up to E, D, C, B, A and S. Upon gaining experience in battle, you get Transcendence Points (TP). Use TP to improve your stat’s Rank. Some skills can only be used when your stats are at a certain rank.

-HP: Health points

-SP: Skill points used for magic and STS attacks

-ZM Gauge: A gauge for ZIN Mode. 3 bars and a reboot meter represents how many times you can go into the state and how long it takes to refill one bar.

-Stamina: This determines how many normal attacks you can perform in battle.

-Atk: The higher the stat, the more damage dealt from physical attacks.

-Def: The higher the stat, the more resistance to physical damage.

-Psy: The higher the stat, the more damage dealt with magic and STS attacks.

-Res: The higher the stat, the more resistance to magic and STS attacks

Spd: The higher this stat is, the faster your attack strings will be. It’ll be easier to parry. More time in Zin mode is also added.

-Agl: The higher this stat is, the better chances of auto evade. Evading in general will also become easier.

-Hit: The higher this stat is, the less chance of missing the opponent.


A character’s mood is a status that can either assist or hinder a character’s success in battle. You can change the mood in numerous ways from talking to you comrades, taking certain items or dealing heavy damage to your opponents.

-Happy (HP up, SP up)

-Sad (Hp down, Sp down)

-Angry (Atk, Def up and Psy, Res down)

-Bored (Atk, Def down and Psy, Res up)

-Anxious (Agl, Hit, Spd up)

-Drowsy (Agl, Hit, Spd down)

-Confident (All stats up)

-Fear (All stats down)

Status Effects

-Poison: Drains player’s hp

-Stun: Player is unable to move

-Stone: Player is unable to move, game over if all characters’ k.o’d

-Confused: Moves randomly

-Amnesia: ZIN Mode and special skills blocked

-Freeze: Slows player’s movement, ZIN Mode blocked

-Burn: Drains HP and SP

-Curse: 30 seconds til automatic death


-Fire (Some spells may cause burn and change the player’s emotion to Angry)

-Ice (Some spells may cause freeze and change the player’s emtion to Afraid)

-Wind (Some spells may cause confused, amnesia and change the player’s emotion to Drowsy)

-Earth (Some spells may cause Poison and change the player’s emotion to a random one)

-Holy (Some spells may cause stone and change the player’s emotion to Happy/Confident/Anxious)

-Dark (Some spells may cause curse and changed the player’s emotion to Afraid/Sad/Angry)



Offensive STP Types

Disentegrate: This STP type lowers the enemy’s stats in various ways.

Obliverate: This STP type consists of a variety of spirit attacks that deal damage to the enemy’s health.

Destroy: Later in the game, you’ll have the ability to combine elements of both Disentegrate and Obliverate.

Offensive Magic Elements: The more you use an element, the higher your affinity is for it.

Fire: The wielder speeds up the molecules in the air to create a flame.

Ice: Molecules slow down in order to form ice.

Wind: Manipulate the speed of the air to your advantage.

Earth: Manipulate dirt and plants to work for you.

Light: The power of photons are in your hands

Dark: The mysterious dark matter and energy is at your beckon call.

Element Tolerance/Intolerance Chart






















Element Combine

As you progress in the story, you’ll be able to combine elements to create new elements and/or spells.

New Element(s)



Earth, Wind

Magma / Meteor

Earth , Fire


Earth, Ice


Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark

Summon: This ability allows you to summon Angelise in which she will perform one of three skills to assist you in battle. You can edit what abilities she will perform in the main menu under skills > summon.

ZIN Mode: ZIN Mode are special skills unique to all characters.

There are three ways to unleash ZIN:

1.Connect a Launch

2.Crush a guarding enemy

3.Take 3 critical hits

*While you’ll always enter ZIN Mode by connecting a launch, you have to set whether you want to enter ZIN via 2 or 3 in the main menu. You can’t enter ZIN with all three options.

Special Offensive Branches

Team Attack

Later, when you form bonds with your comrades, you’ll be able to do team attacks for even more devastating damage. When doing a team attack, both you and your comrades’ stamina will combine. For instance, if the main character has 200 stamina and a comrade has 100, then that’ll be a total of 300 stamina to work with.

ZIN Mode Team Attack

Rio will perform special skills with one or two partners. The higher your bond level is with your comrades, the more specials you can unlock.  

Tag team attacks:  All tag team attacks between Rio and a party member is unlocked by making progress with that character’s personal side story.  Tag team attacks not involving Rio must be unlocked sometime during the job route.

Team Assaults: Team assaults are where all three characters do a combination attack.  Acquire these by ranking up and making the right choices after the occasional job route dialogue.



Weapons/Fighting styles:

Weapons are actually derived from one’s inner consciousness. One’s soul is used to either strengthen the body or manifest powerful weapons unique to that person. Rio has a number of options available as to how he will fight on the battlefield. The rest of the cast are given a default fighting style.

-Soul Slayer: Master of the Soul Blade and gun

-Blade Master: Specializes in Soul Blades

-Dual Blade Master: Uses two Soul Blades

-Brawler: Martial Artist, fast and has the most combos in the game.

-Gunslinger: Specializes in guns and cqc

-Soul String Artist: Uses the essense of the soul in the form of deadly strings.

-Pole Master: Uses a long pole as a weapon

-Lance Master: Uses a lance as a weapon

-Sickle and chain master- User of the sickle and chain weapon

-Scythe Master: Uses a scythe as a weapon

-Axe Warlord: Uses an axe as a weapon. Most powerful style in the game.

Astral Armor

USZ Military officials developed a way to harness the power of the soul and use it to create special armor that allows the person to successfully function and survive in space. They dubbed it Astral Armor. It also serves as a form of protection from attacks. Characters will use Astral Armor in order to travel between planets and fight in and out of space.

Upgrading Equipment

In order to upgrade equipment, you must collect Soul Essence (SE). SE is a aura from enemies that you defeat. Collect enough SE and take it to a SE Tailor. The Tailor will weave the SE onto either your weapon or Astral Armor thus making it stronger.

Additional Effects:

Other than strengthening equipment, you can also add special properties to them. If you defeat enough of a certain type of enemy, then you can gather enough info about that enemy to the Tailor. The tailor will then use the info to add a special property that it posesses onto either your weapon or armor. For instance, defeating a red dragon enough times will give you the opportunity to weave a fire attribute onto your weapon or armor. Whether its on a weapon or armor will determine whether you’ll get protected from the fire property or if it’ll be used as an offensive element. There are many types of properties out there that reflect the enemy you face. If two enemies share the same property, but different percentage, then one or the other will get overided. For example, two enemies share the crital boost property. One has 5% crit, while the other has 15%. If you already have the 5% crit property and try to weave the other onto your weapon, then the 15% crit property will replace the 5%. In otherwords, you must keep in mind that properties of the same mold will not stack.



Quests are unlocked by talking to certain people during your days off from ordinary missions. The people you can talk to depends on your status as either a dead battery or citizen. Completing a quest can offer various rewards such as money, exp, rare items, an apprenticeship to a master, and even eroge scenes.



All over the world of ZIN, you’ll find masters of many disciplines. In MR1, masters teach fruits of knowledge that has been passed down from one generation to the next dating back to the heroes who first learned under the three savior angels. In MR2, magic is passed down from teacher to student. In order to fully learn either magic or fruits of knowledge, then you must use the skills enough times until you master them.


Bond System

The bond system is a tool used to get closer to your allies. The higher the level, the more team attacks you’ll unlock. Maxing out a female character grants the opportunity for a romantic relationship. Some bonds must be maxed out in order to get certain endings.

There are ten levels for each character. In order to clear a level, you must initiate conversation with the said character and choose the right options. In some cases, you may have to clear special quests exclusive to that character. What a character does and say in the game depends on how strong your bond is with them. For instance, one character whose bond with Rio is level 4 might protect Rio from harm in battle, while someone who is level one might not even join on a grind to level up.