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After witnessing the gradual death of the universe, angels have decided that the only way to save existence is to exterminate the beings that harbor the most negative energy. The human race is on the list for elimination. Humanity was on the brink of extinction due to the Angels’ crusade. However, three of the most powerful angels took pity on humanity and traveled to the mortal realm to prepare them for war against their kind. They taught the humans how to unlock their spiritual potential, thus allowing them to push their mental/physical abilities to the limit. This new awakening came to be known as the “Fruits of knowledge”. Over time, the humans who rebelled were ready to face off against the angels who sought out to destroy humanity. A great war waged against human and angel. With the support of their guardians, the humans eventually managed to fend off against the angel attack. Humanity gave praise to their saviors and named their three planets after each of the saviors. The books of Z.I.N was later written which told the story of humanities struggle for survival and freedom.

Over 33 thousand years have passed since the first spiritual war. The three savior angels vanished mysteriously. Humans’ moment of victory didn’t last long due to a new problem arising. The inner cores of the three planets have begun to lose a significant amount of energy. Left unchecked, all life would cease to exist. Humans adapted to this issue by using the soul as an alternative energy source for the planets. The governments that rule the planets assign various groups of people the role of being a human battery. These human batteries are placed in camps buried miles beneath the planets’ surfaces. Their souls feed the planets’ inner cores. As a human battery, their life span is decreased by 3/4 that of the average human. Because of this, slaves are released on their 100th birthday. They are called dead batteries. These slaves are given the chance to become a citizen by competing against other dead batteries as a gladiator. A dead battery can also gain citizenship by serving as a soldier or demon hunter.

Now enter a young man named Rio Blade, who happens to be a human battery since birth. Lately he’s been having a re-occurring dream about a beautiful woman during his soul draining sessions. On his 100th birthday, he is told that his time as a human battery is up. He is now labeled a dead battery and brought to the planet’s surface. After having all the basic knowledge uploaded to his brain, he now has two goals. The first goal is to become a citizen, the second goal is to find the woman in his dreams and raise a family with her. Things get complicated when a) He becomes a target of an unknown enemy b ) He gets sent to an unknown dimension c) The humans declare war against angels to settle the score once and for all.