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*BZ = Before ZIN

*AZ = After ZIN

*Average human lives for 1000 years

– (50,000 BZ) – Angels arrived. The first attempts to eliminate sinful humans begin. Humans are forbidden to reproduce without permission.

– (45,000 BZ) – Humanity is near extinction. Only the truly pious humans remain.

– (40,000 BZ) – The three savior angels arrive to bring safety and shelter to the humans who want to be free from control. These humans are given the forbiddden fruits of knowledge. Upon recieving the fruit, their spiritual potential is unlocked.

– (37,000 BZ) – The first war between humans and angels begin. The war was dubbed “Spiritual War I”. The leaders of the three planets gathered together to form a new organization called USZ.

– (30,000 BZ) – The first Spiritual war is over. Some Angels retreat back to their dimension. Other Angels form colonies on each of the planets. Humanity receives an age of peace.

– (20,000 BZ – 0 BZ) – The three savior angels disappear mysteriously. The first scriptures of ZIN are written. The three planets are renamed after the savior angels. The savior angels’ familiars scower across the planets to reproduce with other animals and each other.

– (1 AZ) – Humans repopulate and rebuild on each of the three planets at an astounding rate.

– (1000 AZ) – Three versions of ZIN have been created. Each version is based on the planets’ experiences and virtues.

– (1500 AZ) – The first signs of “Lost Souls” are spotted and categorized.

– (1600 AZ) – The three planets’ natural energy is dying out.

– (1700 – 1900 AZ) – Some members of the USZ split apart as a result, it ends up being a neutral government. War breaks out between the three planets due to limited resources.

– (2000 AZ) – A peace treaty is signed when the procedure of using humans as batteries to power the dying planets is invented.

– (2100 – 2400 AZ) – Among the three planets, groups and alliances are formed due to the different ideals placed in the teachings of ZIN.

– (2500 – 2900 AZ) – Civil war breaks out among the different alliances. The USZ remains a neutral government and does nothing to stop the wars. Dead batteries begin to emerge within the plantations. A system is built to deal with them.

– (3000 – 3200 AZ) – The lost souls become a big problem among the three planets as they are being orchestrated by demons. Androids show signs of extraordinary AI that surpasses that of humans.

– (3300 AZ) – Rio Blade is born and is registered as a slave.

-(3399 Present AZ) – The second spiritual war is prophesised by fallen angels. The first sign of the great drift is spotted by scientists. A terrorist group emerges and reaks havoc among citizens. The main character becomes a dead battery.