ZIN Philosophy


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The beliefs of the 3 planets are based on the teachings of the three savior angels. Zeus adopted Ze, Ianus adopted Ian, and Nike adopted Ni.

Teachings of Zeus – The Zeus version of ZIN is about keeping emotions bottled up inside. If an individual manages to avoid the temptation of exerting hostility, then a reward should be given. The government issued a device that rates a citizens’ behavior and thought process. If a citizen has a low rating, then that citizen will be severely punished. If the rating is high, then that citizen will be rewarded. As you would imagine, the crime rate of Ze is small.

Teachings of Ianus – The Ianus version of ZIN emphasizes the importance of expressing your emotions openly. Letting people know how you feel inside is necessary and a great way of releasing stress. Forming strong bonds with people is healthy and it builds character. This teaching sounds promising, but many Citizens used this teaching to turn against the slaves who inhabit the planet. The crime rate is unsurprisingly high.

Teachings of Nike – The Nike version of ZIN is a mixture of both Zeus and Ianus teachings. The scriptures make it clear that all mortals are equal no matter what status they have. If hostility is shown, then the perpetrator must be punished. If love is shown, then good things will come to that person via karma. Individuals must be true to their feelings, but must also be aware of the consequences. It is the most diverse out of the three planets. The crime rate is somewhere in between Ze and Ian.